The Soul Inside the Statue

by Tailor Rabbit

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The Soul Inside the Statue explores the growing pains of young-adulthood incarnate in catchy, head-bobbing tunes.


released June 19, 2013

Album Art by Tim Rousseau
Recording and Mixing by Henry van Vuuren
Written by Tim Rousseau
Bass and Drums by Henry van Vuuren
Guitar and Vocals by Tim Rousseau



all rights reserved


Tailor Rabbit Ithaca, New York

Tailor Rabbit, a one-man rock outfit, is the brainchild of Tim Rousseau.

A big thanks to all that have helped with this project; especially Henry van Vuuren, Hayward Gatch, and Ben Kohan.

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Track Name: Bits and Nails
Hear the moths fighting at the door
They have nowhere else to be
Late night lightning almost always helps me sleep
Hear the rain on the window ledge
Along with rushed, uneasy breath
Down in the pits of Hell there is no such thing as death

Take all the bits and nails
Create something beautiful
Original masterpiece about uselessness
Post-modern meets post-crazy
Post-theist meets post Hell
I've lost all hope for meaning
You've lost your chance to tell

See accomplishment fly away
At least the joyous feeling
I never could deal with it this way
Just like the other writer's did
Track Name: Peaches and Cream (Are Disgusting)
When our pinks skies fade to twilight
And the blue leaves your eyes
Could you please kiss me goodnight
So long as it's not goodbye
Fall in his arms like you wanted
I hope his kiss is like you imagined
I still dream of our sunsets
But mostly cuz I need it

So I'll hold you inside my extravagant lie
Here in the sand falling in love's timeless
Give me your warm hands cuz
Mines frozen and cold
And it just reminds me of you

And as the sun goes down
The moon is mounted on the stars
The waves crash in
Flooding through my thoughts
And the sand will remember
The blue in your eyes
As you kissed me goodnight
Track Name: My Imaginary Friend
You're my favorite storybook
But the pages scar my retinas
You're so detrimental to my health
But who needs a healthy soul
With a worm eaten heart

And I can't unlearn the unclean
I can't un-break my broken eyes
We long for suffering
I long for my imaginary version of you

We are the angriest people
Learning how to love
We are so heartless
Learning famous words
I am the evil
In the sewer of my soul

I'm in the E.R.
You're in the I.V.
So close to death
But we are so unclean
I'll hold you hand
If you stay within me
Your lips are so chapped
But I'll kiss you anyway
Track Name: Summer Season
My tongue blisters as the words I speak
Bury themselves in the flesh
And I know we'll never taste each other's inner depths
Or the bitter taste of tortured ghosts

So deep that bleeding out avoids infection
Somethings got to give for me to sleep tonight
You infest my every waking dream
With my poetic words and make believes

The X's on my eyes mean that I've been touched
By the devil's cold assistant
And the major masterpiece is the irony
In this melodramatic scene

What do you find so repulsive
What do you find in such disrepair
I have a heart it is buried
Deep inside my aching ribs

What about this summer season
Makes you think about leaving me
Track Name: Heaven Is My Bedroom
I used to fear death
Cuz I didn't know that life is but a dream
So how can you fear death
When dying is no worse than waking up
And how do you know
The heaven's not the place that we all live
Sleeping silently upon our beds
And under the blankets

So let me keep my eyes closed just a minute more
And let me rest my head
Because my sheets are still warm
And I don't want to leave my dreams
Just yet

I used to sleep well
Until I learned that people die all day
Now I see them living in my pupils when I close my eyes
Now I know that hospitals keep men from waking up
And dying means alarms are going off
I hit the snooze button one more time

Now I've finally opened my eyes to the sunshine
And I'm leaving you behind me in last night's dreams
And I promise you I'll see you when you wake up
Cuz you've been living in your dreams
Track Name: Lives Intertwined
I've never known sincerity
These words keep bursting from my lips
Half lives stem from wrong perception
I find that all the world is bleak

Don't tell me that I'm crazy
The point is not to live like this

I know that you know
That I don't know I hate you
Cuz you speak in whispers
Sitting on my shoulders
This taste on my tongue
Reeks of insanity
And all our endeavors
Are sopping with hostility

I've always been afraid of God
He'll strike me dead for losing faith
With only broken minds to work with
How can anyone stay laced

All my words get stuck on my tongue
All my thoughts are pounding on the walls
They said that death's against the rules
I guess that means the end's a ruse
Track Name: Travel Guide to the Ectoplasm Empire
I've walked in the wrong direction for too long
I've lived far to hard to say I'm innocent
I opened a door that got blown off the hinges
By demons and phantoms escaping

They said that to be a prophet
I'd have to kill myself
I lied and I cheated
And said that I would be ready to die
For the ultimate cause
But the meaning escaped me

Death is the tip of the iceberg
And I'm building my ego up
Too bad, I will never know
I'm the reflection of a figment of a doubt

The question remains
Will I ever let go
And now that I'm here
I don't think I have what it takes
Track Name: Love of a Schizophrenic Barricade
You broken semblance of a human
Locked away in agony isolation
Life will not exist in a vacuum
Just live in hibernation

My love you live to far
To never see the weathered sides
I hide despite the aching

On the days I am trapped
I live inside and angry mind
Waiting for my fears to come alive
And feed on my dying eyes

All you are, monkey suits
With lit cigars and prostitutes
All you are is priests and preachers
With materialist religions